Creative Day School was established in 1980 with the main goal of providing a safe and secure place for parents to leave their children. Belvin G. Smith, owner and operator, acquired several centers in Georgia and North Carolina. Over the past 30 years, the company has expanded to 10 centers and then downsized to the 4 it currently operates.

During these many years of operation, Creative Day School has touched the lives of many families who have in turn, allowed all of the staff and management to be a part of their lives. We can only hope to continue to be blessed with this great opportunity to be a part of each child’s growing years and experience the joy of these times with each of their families.

Creative Day School was established to provide a safe and secure place for parents to leave their children. Our main goal is the total development of the child into a well-adjusted individual. Research has confirmed that children do their most important learning in the early childhood years before the age of five.

In addition to a warm and nurturing environment, attention is paid to the age-appropriateness of each classroom environment. Children are viewed as unique and valuable and attention is paid to their individual thoughts, skills, needs and interests. Creative Day School strives to build a foundation upon which each child can develop a strong sense of self worth that will carry through to adulthood.

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